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Possibility of Positively

Cominski - HI, could you introduce yourself to everyone?

Abigail - Hi, my name is Abby! I love God, to travel, workout & spend time with my family. Born and raised in Maryland, moved to AZ for school. Graduated in 100K loan debt, and eventually made my way into entrepreneurship and now get to build an online business and empower others to build a more freedom-filled lifestyle.


Cominski - What made you start posting content that you post?

Abigail - Well, to inspire people, I’ve always been super hungry to learn new things to grow myself. And saw the impact it had on me and knew it could help others.


Cominski - What type of content do you look at?

Abigail - I mostly look at business/ mindset content.


Cominski - The power of positivity vs. the power of negativity, how do you see them both when it comes to content?

Abigail - I believe it’s all in your perspective. You can choose to see either one. There’s always going to be both. It’s really important when you’re sharing content to give context for people to better understand your true intentions. Not everyone is rooting for you, but “your” audience is your focus and who you will predominantly speak to.

Cominski - What motivates you to post motivational content?

Abigail - lead by example is something I love by. To be that person I needed when, that drives to share the things on my heart and my process.

Cominski - Do you have a plan on how you post content, or you just post in the heat of the moment?

Abigail - I do have a plan, but often times if I get an idea, I try to put it together on the spot or prep it for later to share.


Cominski - Do you have any goal in mind from posting the content you do?

Abigail - biggest goal is not really tangible or measurable. But to be real, give context & add value every day to people, even if it’s at least 1 person.

Cominski - What do you want the people that watch your content to get from it?

Abigail - I want them to believe in themselves.


Cominski - Looking at the state that social media is in how do you see platforms evolving off of posting content?

Abigail - I think being real, authentic and sharing original content is going to stand out. Sharing stories about yourself and how it can relate to the audience you want to make an impact on.

Cominski - How do you feel about AI and the part it plays in posting content?

Abigail - AI can definitely accelerate information and organizing your ideas. However, I don’t think it can/ will replace real relationships and community that YOU can build.


Cominski - How do you push thru the negativity and stay positive with your content?

Abigail - It’s not “easy” to stay positive all the time, but I built my foundation on adding value & giving context behind my process. No matter what the outcome looks like. People will always have something to say, you have to know why you’re doing what you do and where you’re going.


Cominski - Is there anything else you have going on or in mind to make an impact?

Abigail - always learning, and open to new perspectives. I think real impact will always stand true with the relationships you build.

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