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Eric Cominski Jr. - Entrepreneur
Eric Cominski Jr. Enterpreneur


Hey! What's going on guys! Here you can everything Eric Cominski Jr has going on. Check out the latest on his books he wrote. Listen to some of Cominski music. Sign up for Build Your Brand Academy. Get you some of the newest clothing gear with Battle King Clothing. If you want to find out more about Eric Cominski Jr click below.

Entrepreneurial Mindset by Eric Cominski Jr

The BookFest recognizes and promotes excellence in literature and elevates authors and creatives who contribute outstanding work to the literary world. 

Spartanburg, South Carolina — Eric Cominski Jr is a winner of a 3rd place award at The BookFest Awards Spring 2023 for the book(s) titled Entrepreneurial Mindset. The book is honored in the Business - Entrepreneurship category.

The BookFest honors authors who create outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction. The BookFest's dedication to honoring authors is rooted in a belief in the transformative power of literature and a desire to support and celebrate those who create it.

Eric Cominski Jr. Award Winning Author
Da Grustle Podcast by Eric Cominski Jr.

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Bringing new upcoming entrepreneurs to those who wants to know really what it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur. It's more than just business. Check out the latest on the podcast now.


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